Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Sweets

With only one free weekend between our month of travel and leaving for the States for a month, we decided it would be best to stick around Brussels instead of visiting some Christmas Markets in Germany as initially planned.

Ryan and I stayed up late Friday night getting toffee made, bagged and tagged (I did the made/bagged and Ryan did tagged).  Then the next morning we loaded the kids up and spent the bulk of the day delivering it to friends.  Most of the people we took the goodies to are friends from church, but I don't like taking things like that to church.  Unless you're making something for the entire ward, I feel like you're always leaving someone out and there is no good place to draw the line as to who to/not to give to. We still ended up taking a couple to church because we ran out of time to make it to every one's house, but I tried to be discreet about it.  Anyways, our kids were little champs in this whole process.  They did amazing with all the driving (our ward boundaries are huge) and we only all got out a couple places.

This year we made only toffee.  Growing up, toffee was a Christmas tradition in my family and poppy seed bread in Ryan's family. With a limited amount of time we opted do all toffee instead of both....maybe we'll do poppy seed bread in January :).  I made 9 double batches which meant roughly 10 pounds of butter, 18 cups sugar, 8 pounds milk chocolate and 3.5 pounds almonds.  Wow!