Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When Friends become Family

I'm really not sure what we would do if we hadn't gotten to be good friends with the Lingenbrinks.  Our kids ages line up perfectly plus the parents are both awesome.  We trade kids a couple days each week and have dinner together during the week while our husbands are working.  The kids play and fight like sibling which I love. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mr. Cheeseball

Jonathan has gotten a little more selective on his food.  He likes chicken wontons and messy lasagna or speghetti, but if he is super cranky I break out the cheeseball.  He LOVES them.  I just with they won't so messy, but I'll take a messy happy baby over a cranky one any day!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Emergency Prepardness

Five plus years ago, Ryan and I decided to buy an emergency preparedness kit that would make two backpacks. We packed the unopened box to Belgium, let it sit there for 4 years, then packed it back.  Today I decided to open it and actually build the kits.  About time.  I need to add some clothes, blankets and new food, but at least we have something put together.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Soup Fest

Yissel had the great idea to mass produce soup.  We each picked out and brought ingredients for a double batch of two soups then spent one afternoon making them up together while our kids played.  I bought some containers off amazon to freeze the soups in.  We each ended up with 3 lentil, 3 turkey chili, 2 butternut squash and 2 chicken green chili containers (pictured is half on the soup).  Plus we had soup for dinner.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh Kevin

Kevin is my funny little man.  He cracks me up some super frustrating other days, but here's the fun stuff:
When we were leaving Costco he opted to cash in one of his coupons for a hot dog.  Then when we got to the car he told me he wanted to wait until we got home to eat it.  Well, we got home, I made myself an awesome toasted turkey avocado sandwich and was just sitting down to eat when Kevin told me he wanted to trade lunches.  I gave him my sandwich.  then a couple minute late he came and handed me this tiny bite and told me he was too full to finish it so I could have it.  Thanks buddy.

Kevin got a vehicle paint and build kit for Christmas that Ryan was going to do with him.  Well, daddy has been busy so mommy ended up helping.  We broke it out, he painted a couple pieces then asked me to finish.  As I worked, he would stop by and tell me what color each piece should be and check my work.

Probably the best Kevin funny as of lately was at dinner one Sunday.  He is now in Sunbeams and goes to primary where they spotlight a kid each week. One of the questions they ask for the spotlight is where they want to serve a mission.  We asked Kevin what the kid chose this week and he answers, "Arendelle."  Ryan and I just looked at each other, then Ryan responds, "Oh, really?" and Kevin pauses then says, "No dad, that was just a joke."  I was amazed that he could make a joke that actually made sense and was funny.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jonathan's 1st Birthday!

Jonathan turned 1!  This was a long time coming.  He has easily been my most challenging baby.  For his birthday dinner we had Lasagna (from Costco).  He loved the sample of it awhile back and it really was a perfect, easy dinner.

I tried a new recipe for his birthday cake.  It was a homemade chocolate cake with magic white frosting.  It tasted even better the second day.  I was just happy that he actually ate and enjoyed it.
Next up was present time. Look how cute he looks with those bags.  I raided our toy room and put tennis ball in one, bells in another and a piano in the last one.  He loved playing with his 'new' presents and I loved that I didn't have to buy any more toys to clutter our house.
Jonathan has gotten to be happier and happier.  He likes to eat.  He is still nursing at night and in the morning.  He has 2 teeth.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Ryan came up with the bright idea to use the fireplace to make s'mores.  The kids loved it and now ask for s'mores for treat each only happens when daddy is home to supervise.