Monday, September 22, 2014

FHE: Elementary School Playground

For FHE this week, we went over and played at the elementary school playground.  Kherington was able to show off all her newly learned moves including crossing the monkey bars both ways and hanging up-side-down.  Kevin played a little and then danced around on the table (and hid when I came around with the camera). Also, a fun outdoor event in Texas wouldn't be complete without a red ant bite.  Kevin was the lucky one.  Someone should really learn how to kill off that species of ants.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Exploring the Neighborhood

We went for a family walk this afternoon.  The neighborhood is older but very nice.  At one corner we could hear constant cheering coming from one house and a huge football player blow-up at another.  Welcome to Texas football season (and on that note, we get phone calls from Kherington's elementary school about high school football games).  The kids loved playing at the neighborhood park.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Uncle Bren Came to Visit

Uncle Bren was taking some Oral Exams in Dallas so he came to visit for a little while.  The adults played games at night time after the kids were in bed. The kids loved having someone else to climb around on.  I loved that he happily took a very cranky Jonathan on a run with him while Kevin was at a friends house so I got a little alone time.  I love alone time. 

We wish we lived closer to his family.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kherington's First Soccer Game

Kherington had a blast at her first game. They are the Honey Bee's. They didn't have their uniforms yet so someone made them these temporary uniforms (lets be honest, they could have just used these the whole season). She is the smallest and probably the youngest on her team.  By game time she had played all of 1.5 hours of soccer in her lifetime.  I really hope (mainly for my sake) she learns to be a little more competitive but am happy she is having fun.

Her brothers are great cheerleaders.  Things are a little different here.  Instead of bleachers, the parents all bring their own camping style folding chair, line the sidelines with them so they can sit and watch.  Luckily we had the the wool blanket in the back of the car to put on the wet grass.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lonely Boy

Life with Kherington in school has been pretty lonely for Mr. Kevin. Kherington really is is best friend.  He does every thing she does and likes everything she likes (or says he does).  Kevin is a crack up on his own too though.  He does not like me taking picture of him.  He just makes faces until he gets fed up and gets mad at me.

 Kevin's favorite thing to do is have his buddy Isabel come play.  As long as this happens at least once a week, he is so much happier. For the most part they entertain each other which I love!  Occasionally we'll do a fun cooking activity or craft, but aside from that they use their creativity and play for hours together.  One of the days they got the beads our and cut their own string. When I came in to get them for lunch, I found them each with a string roughly 30 feet long.  The would put the bead on then string it down the entire string. They also like building 'houses' on the my bed by just piling it high with toys.

Funny Kevin highlights:
1.  Kevin come running up to me and says, "Mommy I just gave daddy a wet willie in both ears!" Then follow it with, "I gave the to myself too."
2.  We are walking out of Costco and I told him he needed to hang on to the cart.  So he looks at me and grabs a parked cart.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ryan's 31st Birthday

Ryan turned 31!  His actual birthday was the day of Kherington's first soccer practice, so we were gone til late plus he was working late so we opted to celebrate on Sunday instead.

He opted for one of his favorite childhood meals: linguine.  More specifically linguine with fish and Texas Toast.  For his cake he went with a Toll House Pie.  The kids loved all the bazillions of candles covering the pie.

His big birthday present was traveling to Dubai on his way home from India earlier in the summer.  The kids also drew him some pictures and found some bags to fill with random things from the cupboard.

Mom had left a little present for Ryan from Grandpa Finley.  It was a rock.  At one point, Ryan made it clear to my mom that if they have a rock collection when they die, we were not keeping it.  Those rocks would get put back outside.  Well, Grandpa Finely was cleaning out his house and decided Ryan should have this rock.

"Gpa Finley wanted you to have this special commemorative rock.  He picked it from a jetty in Ensenata, Mexico at his Aunt's memorial to spread her ashes into the sea.  The event was especially memorable because they dropped the glass container on the jetty and it broke spilling the ashes.  He said if you don't want to keep this keepsake it would be okay if you returned it to the Ensenada jetty." 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of Soccer Practice

Kherington had her first day of soccer practice.  I wasn't set on signing her up this year until I looked at the cut off age here.  The cut off is just 7 days after her birthday so she is youngest on the team.  My thoughts were that if I waited another year she would be that much further behind the other kids.

She was excited when I told her she was playing soccer this year.  I thought there might be a fight over wearing shin guards, but she was excited to put those and her cleats on.  When we got to the field for her first practice she didn't want to go play with the rest of her teammates. She was literally in tears.  I was that mean mom that said too bad you have to.  She loved it.  When it was time to go, she started whining that she wanted to stay for another practice.