Friday, June 27, 2014

Jonathan's Solids

5.5 months old and trying solids for the second time (rice cereal and momma milk). Spoon feeding my kids ranks among my least favorite activities. Here's to hoping he learns to chew and can start feeding himself soon. I'd take a mess over me feeding him any day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pool Time ... Or Not

The kids wanted to go swimming so I told Kherington look outside and if the sun was shining we could go.  She said it was (I keep the blinds shut all day to keep the house cool), so we got out suits and sunscreen on and headed over.  The kids were in the pool for all of 5 minutes before it started to drizzle and I told them we had to go home (the thunder and lightening started just as we got back to the apartment).  So instead of swimming they spent they afternoon playing Legos. Legos are awesome and Duplo Legos are definitely way cooler than the little ones.
While they played Legos, Jonathan kept wiggling himself out of his bouncer.  A little later I put him in the johnny jumper while I made dinner and came back to find the couch over him.  The kids told me he was taking a shower.  I love their imagination.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lowes Build and Grow...Oops

Everyone was up and Ryan's out of town so I did a morning class at the Y which I don't normally do in Saturdays.  We went straight from the Y to Lowes for a the build a dragon workshop.  The kids love these things.  Jonathan was a champ and sat happily in his car seat.  He didn't even seem bothered by the hammering.  We got the dragon together without any problems, then went to get passed off and get their certificate and badges.  Notice a problem? They wore their Home Depot aprons.  Kind of funny.  The lady gave the kids new red Lowes aprons :).

Friday, June 13, 2014

Packing for India

Ryan is leaving for India this afternoon (he's teaching some training and will be gone 2 weeks) so he finally decided to pack.  After he was done, I noticed that he had opted for the out blue duffel rolling suitcase.  The thing is, we've done quite a bit of traveling and out luggage has seen its days...especially that piece.  It is falling apart and you can visibly see the contents inside.  Ryan decided since he was going to India which isn't exactly an exotic location, instead of changing out bags, he would just tape it up with duct tape.  Cross your fingers everything makes it there and back.

Kevin decided he would pack the new rolling duffel I had gotten out for Ryan to switch to since it wasn't going to get used.  He figured if he packed it he could go with his daddy.  He wishes.

Monday, June 9, 2014


They just keep getting bigger

Kherington is a girly girl.  Not sure where that came from.  She takes forever getting ready every time we leave the house.  I find her raiding my makeup drawer (she's 5!).  She loves bracelets, necklaces, nail painting, glittery things, etc.  We roasted marshmallows on the stove on Memorial day and she thought that was pretty awesome and has asked to do it almost every night.
Notice the burn marks on the back of my ipad mini case.  It got set on a hot burner for all of 2 seconds before I snatched it up (the picture is a bit deceiving since it was Kherington not Kevin who put it there).  I snapped the picture of Jonathan and Kherington and within seconds Jonathan was crying and Kherington was getting into trouble.  It made me laugh at how deceiving pictures can be.
Kevin is either driving me crazy or cracking me up.  He can be so sweet then turn right around and be so mean for no apparent reason.  I don't have any amazing picture of him since he usually tells me he is too busy to look at the camera.  He still copies most of what Kherington does but also has his own opinions mixed in.  If he says he wants a sandwich for lunch then Kherington says she wants peanut butter pancakes he changes what he wants to match her. He thinks poo is funny and calling you poo is his biggest insult. 

Jonathan is 5 months old and a toe sucker.  He has been so hit and miss on his sleeping and how happy he is.  I keep thinking we're pulling out of the hard times but then he reverts.  I guess part of it is that I want so badly for him to be a chill baby any sign of it and I think I just might be home free.  So far he has shown no desired to crawl but he does roll all over the place.  He can also wiggle himself out of his bouncer. He is still in 3-6 month clothes.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Diaper free

I wish that title were totally true, but we still have one left to potty train and that won't be happening anytime soon.  Kevin has been potty trained since around the time he turned 2, but always wore a diaper to bed.  He started begging to wear underwear to bed when he turned 3 and I was fine with that but wanted to move the waterproof cover from Kherington's bed to his bed before doing so.  Well, that never happened and one night we just went for it.  Instead of putting him to bed with his sippy cup of water (my kids do not drink enough during the day) the rule is the sippy cup stays in the bathroom by the toilet.  If he wants a drink, he needs to go pee first.

The first night we woke him up and tried to take him potty.  I don't think he went any of the times we tried, but when he wanted water he did go first.  I totally expected to be doing laundry the next morning.  Nope.  All dry.  For the last 5 days, he has kept his bed dry at night without us waking him up to take him potty.  Way to go Kevin!

So I wrote this post then let is sit because I wanted a picture of Kevin his his sweet new pajamas, but a couple things have changed.  First, in the last month he had 3 or so bed wets.  Not bad.  Second, he doesn't like to wear his pajamas anymore.  Instead he rummages through his daddy's tshirts each night and chooses one that he likes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brainwash them Young...Go Purdue!

I left the front room for all of 2 minutes and came back to find Jonathan in Kevin's Purdue shirt and Kevin in Ryans Purdue shirt yelling "Go Purdue." Ryan is starting the brainwashing young.