Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Day Kids Party

Whew! After a late night with Activities the night before, I got everything ready for a little kids Valentines Day.  A friends was nice enough to let us have it at her house which really ended up being a lifesaver.  My house was trashed by the time I walked out the door.  I had the morning to make the food, put the craft stuff together and get it all loaded into our car.  I was really working against a hard deadline because I had to grab Kheringotn from school before heading over so I couldn't be late.  I ended up with just 2 hours to get everything done in.  I had such grand plans, but in the end I felt more like a contestant on cupcake wars where you just want to get everything on the plate and it doesn't matter so much it looks just how it tastes.

I made pretzel bites stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, 2 pizza braids and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I ended up cooking one of the braids and cookies (pre-scooped though) at the party. 

For the craft this year I decided on heart/straw necklaces.  I had pre-cut hearts and straws so the kids just had to thread them.  I also made the kids little head pieces with stuff I had prep for last years party but never ended up using.  I feel like I'm pretty good with using the supplies I have on hand to keep things cheap but fun for the kids.  I've been trying harder to just focus on the kids having fun intead of how an adult would view a craft...pinterest adds a little extra pressure to make everything look perfect but really that shouldn't matter.

 The kids also exchanged valentines and some brought their own valetines box.  Each year I've helped Kherington make one.  This year, a week or so after getting back from the States she started begging to make hers.  I didn't realize she liked it that much.  I just wrap up an old box for each kid (plus cut an opening large enough to get things in/out) and let the kids glue hearts and put stickers all over it.  Kevin was pretty funny.  He only wanted car hearts.  I ended up sticking one heart on at the very end because I'd already cleaned up and had missed it.  You can tell from the smiles on their face they that they had a good time.  After they finished their boxes we also did some normal gluing....meaning paper, paper piece I cut up years ago and glue....very easy.

Anyways, so they made their boxes then for their actual valentines they helped me pick the colors of what I printed out and Kherington glued a heart onto her chosen contruction paper (her color combo ended up pink and green).  Kherington's valentines said 'You light up my life" and had a finger light attached.  Kevin's said "You're simply sweet" and had a simply fruit roll-up attached and mine said "Happy Valentines Day Big Hunk (*or Hunket)" with a big hunk attached.  Best of all everything we used we already had.

I think everyone had fun. I'll be honest, I felt a little stressed on my part.  I'm not very good at asking for help and even worse at it when I don't have everything prepped as well as I would like.  I guess I just have more things to work on.